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Packet loss on network

Resolved At December 03, 2016 10:08

We are currently investigating reports of packet loss on our network. Updates will be posted here as soon as more information is available.

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Updated at December 03, 2016 10:08 by Melbourne Support

This has been resolved now.

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Updated at December 03, 2016 01:22 by Melbourne Support

We have taken action on alleviating the packet loss we were previously seeing, we should now be seeing traffic flowing as normal. We will continue to monitor for any further packet loss. An update will be put out once we are confident this has been resolved.

Updated at December 02, 2016 23:15 by Melbourne Support

We have identified an issue on one of our upstream core routers and this is actively being looked at by Cisco TAC with a view to resolving this. Customers should now notice a marked reduction in the levels of packet loss following intervention by Cisco.