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Problems with the Datacentre access request system

Resolved At December 02, 2016 13:01

We are currently experiencing problems with our Datacentre access request system for both our Reynolds house and Turing house facilities.

We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, in the mean time if you require access to wither site please raise a manual access request via a ticket through the portla at - or call our support team on 0161 232 0125

Thankyou for your patience in this matter.

Latest Update

Updated at December 02, 2016 13:01 by Melbourne Support

We've had reports from our SMS provider that this issue has now been resolved so we've removed the restriction on the service. You should now be able to request access codes via SMS as usual.

Please get in touch if you've any questions or are having issues.

Thanks Melbourne

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Updated at December 02, 2016 12:36 by Melbourne Support

We've identified an issue with our SMS provider that seem to be replaying old SMS messages to us which in turn is causing our access request system to send a newly generated access code to users.

We've taken steps to temporarily disable incoming SMS processing in order to prevent further messages being sent incorrectly - This does unfortunately mean that legitimate SMS requests will not be processed and therefore we ask that if you need access to one of our facilities, you please contact support via 0161 232 0125 or via the support portal.

Please note that even though a code may have been generated for you - no one other than yourself will be able to gain access to our facility due to our strict ID checks