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Scheduled Core Switch Maintenance

Resolved At July 06, 2017 00:36

Engineers are now on site to prepare for the scheduled maintenance on coresw1.tur.

Information has be supplied to customers outlining this work.

We will provide further update before work commences.

Latest Update

Updated at July 06, 2017 00:36 by Melbourne Support

The on-site engineers are moving to final debrief before leaving site.

The maintenance window is now formally closed.

If you feel you are still experiencing issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team on 0161 232 0125.

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Updated at July 06, 2017 00:34 by Melbourne Support

We have completed the maintenance on coresw1.tur and have ceased redirecting traffic around this switch.

Our monitoring and traffic flow metrics show that the network has returned to the nominal state as it was before the maintenance window.

As such, the scheduled work is now complete. With no further actions or traffic interruptions required.

We are continuing monitoring the situation going forward.

Updated at July 05, 2017 23:00 by Melbourne Support

We have now entered the maintenance window.

We will begin by redirecting traffic away from the switch undergoing maintenance.

Customers may experience a very brief period of network interruption as network routes re-establish.

Normal network service will resume after a few seconds.