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Temporary generator load proving - Reynolds House

Resolved At March 09, 2017 10:45

The temporary generator solution has been installed and configured. A load test will be conducted this afternoon to prove the solution prior to detaching the house set. I will update this post with more precise timings when they are available.

There will be 2 switching exercises today.

12:30 – Managed failover to temporary set. This is a controlled failover with manual switching of A and then B side. UPS time will be minimal as we are being switched second. Return to mains will be approximately 13:00.

14:00 – Mains failure test. Automatic failover to temporary generators to test signalling in mains failure situation. Extended UPS time as generators have to start before A + B transferred at the same time. Return to mains will be approximately 14:30.

I will update when commencing.

This work is about to begin and the sites should be considered at risk until a further update is provided.

Stage 1 complete. Stage 2 to commence at 13:45. Site currently on Mains and NOT AT RISK.

We are about to be in the final stage of today's tests which is a simulated mains failure. Reynolds house should again be considered at risk until further notice.

All testing has been completed and the site can no longer be considered at risk.

There is no more testing planned for today.