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Resolved At November 25, 2010 12:01

Please also be aware that we have brought forward our plan to introduce outbound restrictions on IRC traffic over ports 6667 and 7000, and have instead implemented this immediately. All outbound TCP connections to destination ports 6667 and 7000 will now be dropped by the firewalls.

This action has been taken because IRC is the primary communication method for compromised servers. By blocking outbound IRC, this reduces the ability for automated exploits to connect outbound to a compromised IRC server and begin receiving and executing malicious attacks against external networks.

Should you rely on either of the above ports, and are unable to change them, we are more than happy to move you onto a gateway device. Simply raise a ticket via and support will carry out the change immediately for you. There would be a ~1 minute loss of connectivity whilst the change takes place.

Please submit a ticket to our helpdesk should you have any questions.