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On-going LINX connectivity issues

Resolved At December 15, 2010 09:10



We have been seeing intermittent issues with traffic crossing the London Internet Exchange (LINX) peering network over the last two days, which has been causing low levels of packet loss when routing traffic to some UK locations.

LINX are currently investigating what appears to be a faulty port within one of their 160GB Fibre trunks. Whilst this is on-going, we have downed our LINX peering and all traffic will now be routing over alternative paths.

We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and will only re-enable our LINX peering once we are certain that all issues have been resolved.

Please be aware that the issues we're referring to lie with the LINX peering network, and not something we have direct control over. This is why we have taken the action to disable the connection until further notice.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please raise a ticket or give our support team a call.

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Updated at December 15, 2010 09:10 by Melbourne Support

At 1am last night (15/12/2010) we disabled LINX again due to what appears to be a failed maintenance window.

At this time, LINX remains disabled until we receive the all-clear. Traffic will continue to route via Tiscali and Cogent.

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Updated at December 14, 2010 16:50 by Melbourne Support

We have now re-enabled our LINX connectivity after receiving the all clear from the LINX engineers, as well as allowing other peers to re-establish their sessions first and confirm everything is now OK.

I will send a notification email tomorrow morning detailing improvements we've made to our infrastructure which adds additional resilience.

As ever, should you have any queries or concerns, please raise a ticket via or call the support team directly.