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PDU1 Power Disruption Reynolds House

Resolved At September 29, 2016 14:21

Dear All,

Following on from the service interruption this morning work has been progressing to determine the root cause and to complete repairs on the device that caused the outage. Currently PDU1 in Reynolds house is in forced by-pass, this means that the load is currently not protected and the supply is Raw Mains only and should be considered at HIGH RISK until further notice.

We are continuing to work with a large number of our specialist partners to ensure that we can return redundancy to the PDU as soon as possible. There will be a number of switching exercises throughout the night during which the risk to the load is elevated.

Our engineers are working closely with the specialists to ensure that any risk to the load is minimised and carefully controlled.

We have made additional engineers available to ensure that we are able to deal with any issues that may arise tonight promptly.

Please expect a further update after 21:00 this evening.

UPDATE 22:40

Work is continuing on the PDU. Services should still be considered at risk until further notice.

UPDATE 13:31

We have been unable to complete a repair on PDU1.Reynolds. The UPS is currently bypassed and load is being supported by RAW MAINS and should be considered at HIGH RISK.

in layman terms what this means is that if there is a grid level power outage or a significant voltage change on the incoming supply then the load would not be powered and there would be a interruption to connected services.

In discussion with our specialist partners a decision has been made to decommission the failed device and commission a replacement. This will mean that there will be a prolonged maintenance window arranged to complete this work as soon as everything is in place for a smooth transition.

Further information including a break down of todays events will be provided as soon as possible along with the timescales for the installation of the replacement system.