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Generator Tests 29.11.2016 - 12:10 ALL CLEAR

Resolved At November 29, 2016 12:31

Update 12:09

Turing is back on mains, there has been no deviation from the normal in either test. There are no further exercises planned for today.

Update 11:40

Turing is running stable on generators.

Update 11:30

The Turing generator tests will begin in the next 5 minutes.

Update 11:20

The Turing generator test start has been delayed, i will provide a further update before commencing.

Update 10:40

Reynolds house generator tests have completed without issue, i will update this post when the Turing tests are about to begin.

Update 10:10

Reynolds has transferred to generators, we will be running until 10:30

Update 10:00


We are about to begin the tests in Reynolds house at

Hi All!

Please note that our generator tests will be taking place on the 29.11.2016 at the following times;

Reynolds House - 10:00am Turing House - 11:00am

We will be running on generators for 30 minutes and do not expect any interruptions to service.